Chris Brown and Rihanna awkward Grammy Moment_FlexymusicRihanna was no where to be seen during President Barack Obama’s heartfelt speech on domestic violence which resulted in fans immediately beginning to tweet that perhaps it was because it was the 6-year-anniversary of when Chris Brown beat her up.

It was an awkward moment for Chris Brown and Rihanna when the 2015 Grammy Awards on the 6th year anniversary of Chris brown and Rihanna fight spoke on domestic violence. President Barack Obama came on the screen with a message about why it’s important to speak up if you are a victim of domestic violence and then a woman took the stage to tell her own story but Rihanna was no where to be found.

It was a very intense moment when the show took a break to discuss the very important issue. Even more so, everyone began pointing out that it was the six-year anniversary of when Chris beat up Rihanna, leaving her badly injured.

Katy Perry who is a close friend of Rihanna took the stage to perform her song that she wrote about her ex-husband Russell Brand and it was all around an emotional time during the show. It’s also interesting timing since Chris finally completed his community service in the assault case on Feb. 6.

Fans  freaked out on Twitter when the President was making his speech. Some were dying for the camera to pan over to Chris to see his reaction, while others were angry that Chris was even allowed at the show.