Dammy Krane – Credit Card

Dammy Krane – Credit Card

Dammy Krane is still taking advantage of his ‘Credit Card’ hullabaloo, a lawsuit he got cleared of all fraud charges levelled against him by TapJet in Miami, U.S.

After releasing the music video of ‘Prayer’, where he showcased his ordeal when he was in prison in Miami, Dammy Krane has now released another track titled Credit Card in-line with controversy.

Following the ‘Credit Card’ saga, Krane faced a lot of backlash from fans on social media, it appears it’s pay back time as the singer is now channeling all the energy and perhaps anger into music.

“I make the money moves, I make the crowd move,” he sings in the song produced by Dicey. “If you’re not my guy, you’re not my guy, if you’re not my guy we don’t have to yarn,” Krane chants.

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