Nigeria is the way it is because of social media – RudeBoy

Nigeria is the way it is because of social media – RudeBoy

Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye also known as RudeBoy has prepared himself towards a possible future interrogation from his kids over the state of Nigeria.

He revealed in a tweet on Monday that he threw a similar question to his father when he was young and he has prepared himself to answer his kids when they grow hope to interrogate him over the state of Nigeria.

Rudeboy disclosed that whenever his children decide to ask him why the country is the way it is, he would tell them it is because of social media.

He wrote on Twitter, “When I was growing up, I once asked my dad why is Nigeria like this? What happened? How did it get to this level…he said it was because of the WAR….. now am getting prepared to answer my kids when the time comes …and when they ask i will tell them is SOCIAL MEDIA”

“SOCIAL MEDIA: a place of war, where people can freely insult their elders, where Father’s Day is been converted to Drama’s day, where family, marriage and relationship issues are been judged by the Amebo intelligent Centre (A.I.C) & the Association of Instagram commentators,” he added.

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