Short Movie: Mr Tunez – Bodhisattva

Mr Tunez - Bodhisattva

At a time when Nigeria is actively engaging on the battlefront, how fitting it is for a short film like Bodhisattva to pop up and use the same theme of war to voice deep reflections on the power of sacrifice. Played, Written and directed by Mr Tunez Filmmaker (Akinnayajo Babatunde), a seasoned music video director and cinematographer. However, don’t expect the clichéd stories short films spin these days. Bodhisattva is a well-crafted film with questions we must answer.

Mr Tunez creates a fictional but realistic war and throws in a soldier, however it’s not the war that fascinates but rather the philosophy driving the film, Bodhisattva. In this world, war is the canvas and the soldier, the artist; he may well paint his end or the salvation of another.

In craft and execution, It has the markings of expertise despite being the first narrative short film from Mr Tunez filmmaker. Bohdisattva is a serious film that should be lauded and sought out by those in the mood for some good cinema.



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