Terry G laments “Marriage Is Not For Musicians”

Terry G laments "Marriage Is Not For Musicians"

Terry G laments “Marriage Is Not For Musicians” News.

According to Nigerian singer Terry G, whose stage name is Gabriel Oche Amanyi, marriage isn’t the best match for artists.

He said that fans of the other sex would feel less at ease with a married singer.

Speaking as a guest on the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, Terry G referred to fans of opposite s**x as the “juice of the music industry,” emphasizing that the business would be dull without them.

He declared,

“I don’t think people like us [musicians] should get married”. Getting married would prevent me from seeing my female followers.

“The foundation of music and the lifeblood of the music business are women. Take them out, and you’ll be bored.

A musician’s female fan base would be impacted if he made his marriage public. You are no longer a box once you get married. It’s said in Nigeria that once you get married, you’re off the market. Thus, you are inherently no longer attractive.

Terry G laments “Marriage Is Not For Musicians”.

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